The Ultimate Digital Painting Course (2 Tutorials/Lessons) - How to Paint Landscapes like Bob Ross


– Digital Lanscape Painting Course –

2 Outstanding exclusive Step by Step Lessons!

Hello dear Painting Friend!
You want to learn digital painting in an easy way?
You love creating amazing landscapes like an traditional painter?
You think creating beauty has to be complicated? 


Over the past years so many dear artists, customers and friends had asked me urgently to make a digital painting tutorial about how to paint digitally beautiful landscapes with a classical touch, and now I’m so happy to say that I have done a digital Landscape Painting Course with 2 outstanding Tutorials!

I have made this course that includes 2 lessons of how I’m painting two beautiful landscapes especially for artists who want to bring their digital painting skills just to the next level! 

Nothing complicated, just lovely colors, brush strokes and of course mountains, trees and rivers!

It’s your personal step by step lesson and I’m happy to show you just everything I know.
These Tutorials together are almost 5 hours long, and they are with voice-over narrations, so you can learn just every trick and technique I’m using.

Now it’s time to paint like Bob Ross on your Computer, and you will be enjoying every minute of it, cause now you know the way to beauty.

Honestly, I wish back in the days I had tutorials like these. Just a huge helping hand to help me out with useful tricks for so many steps. Finding out everything on one's own can be very frustrating and it's just so time consuming.

Now it’s your chance to take part in this online digital painting course and to enjoy the learning of digital landscape painting right at your home.

You will learn in these two Painting Lessons:

 ☑️ How to paint the Sky
 ☑️ How to paint Clouds
 ☑️ How to paint Moutains
 ☑️ How to paint Rivers
 ☑️ How to paint Trees
 ☑️ How to paint Trees at a distance
 ☑️ How to paint Fog
 ☑️ How to paint Grass
 ☑️ How to paint Flowers
 ☑️ How to paint Birds …

… and so many things more, and everything is in an artistic, painterly oil style!

In this amazing DIGITAL LANDSCAPE PAINTING COURSE there is included:

 ☑️ The complete High Quality Video (Full Hud view) with Narrations
 ☑️ A beautiful Color Palette
 ☑️ The PSD’s and JPG’s
 ☑️ All the brushes used out of the MA-Brushes
 ☑️ The Mixer Brushes (for Photoshop user)
 ☑️ A beautiful Mock-up to present your Art

Both Lessons together are around 4:45 hours long in HQ an with Narrations

They have a filessize around 3,35 GB + 4,09 GB
(divided in smaller parts)


Lesson 1 – Mountains & Trees 

Lesson 2 – River & Mountains 

— Just USD $34.90 !! —
And for a short time both in a Special Pack together!

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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Course MA Lesson 1 part1
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Course MA Lesson 1 part2
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Course MA Lesson 1 part3
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Course MA Lesson 2 part1
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Course MA Lesson 2 part2
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Course MA Lesson 2 part3
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Course MA Lesson 2 part4
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Course1 Lesson1 - Brushes
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Course1 Lesson2 - Brushes
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Course1 Lesson1 - Mixer Brushes ( for Photoshop users)
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Course1 Lesson2 - Mixer Brushes ( for Photoshop users)
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Color Palette C1 Lesson 1
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Color Palette C1 Lesson 2
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Mountains & Trees (c) by Michael Adamidis
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PSD File Mountains & Trees
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PSD File River & Mountains
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River & Mountains (c) by Michael Adamidis
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Mockup Wall MA just the jpg
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Mockup Wall MA v1
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