MA-Brushes Foliage, Trees, Grass and Leaves Photoshop Brushes
MA-Brushes Foliage, Trees, Grass and Leaves Photoshop Brushes

Fan-Brush example painted with Photoshop and the MA-Brushes -> 416 impressive, unique and realistic Painting Brushes - like real brushes on a canvas!

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The MA-Brushes have been created with much love and passion to bring the experience of traditional canvas painting to your computer screen and to help making your digital painting technique more efficient, authentic, natural and joyful!
Just perfect for Fine Art Paintings like Portraits, Landscapes, and abstract Paintings and also Concept Art and Charakter/Environmental Design.

❖ For Concept Artists
❖ For Portrait Painters
❖ For Landscape Painters
❖ For Abstract Painters
❖ For Art Students/Studies
❖ For Graphic Designers
The MA-BRUSHES are 416 realistic Oil & Acryl Brushes for your authentic and natural Adobe Photoshop drawing and painting experience.
BONUS included: The Magic Canvas - 26 HQ Canvas Textures so your paintings

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