Digital PORTRAIT Painting Video - Renaissance Style!!
Digital PORTRAIT Painting Video - Renaissance Style!!

Hey Painting Friends! ✍️🎨
Today I'm presenting something very special to you.
It's the 2nd episode of "Watch over my Shoulder" and it's all about digital portrait painting in a old, renaissance style!
This digital portrait painting here will bring you back to the time of the renaissance where the painter had the important role of taking a picture from somebody for the posterity and eternity. There were no mobile phones, no cameras. The painter had to capture it all in a scene full of characteristics and beauty.
It is one of my most difficult paintings, and it's also one of the most sophisticated paintings I've done so far, so I'm so happy that I have captured it.
Come with me to this beautiful journey of portrait painting.
I am commenting the painting at the first 10 minutes, where I will give you briefly just every information about this painting, like where the idea was coming from, what helped me, how to draw the sketch and how to apply the colors.
For those of you having the MA-Brushes, there is a file included with the brush list. (This video is also interesting for you if you haven't got the MA-Brushes.)
Find it here in my store!
Happy Paintings!

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