Amazing Update v4 for the MA-Colors is out!
Amazing Update v4 for the MA-Colors is out!

The MA-Colors & MA-Texture Canvas are updated to v4!

This should be the last update. I've spend a whole month just for correcting a hundred things once again to the maximum so this pack can get over it's limits!

You will see that this update is worth it. I'm posting here some examples.

- New terrain added 28, 29 - "Walk at the Seaside"

- New tree sheet added for "Glowing Sunset" 9

- New tree sheet for palms 13

- New mountain (2) sheets added 2 + 4 for closer mountains

- New mountain 29 "Calming Evening at the Mountains"

- New sea 6 - "After the Rain"

- New sea 7 - "Dark Sea at Late Evening"

- New pathway 4 - "Concrete Rainy/Dry"

- New background 7

- sky sheets updated

- terrain sheets updated

- sea sheets updated

- pathway sheets updated

- all mountains updated

- tree sheets updated (especially olive tree/white poplar)

- portrait sheets updated (skin tones, lips, teeth + blonde hair + new mark for "max value for low lighting room")

MA-Canvas Textures:

- All textures are set to 50%, so from here it is easy to go up and down with the opacity

- All textures are exported again as jpgs (hq)

- Order of the layers has changed - now when you paint over the edges the paint is not visible

- "How to" videos are updated

What is added in the tutorials is:

MA-Textures Canvas:

> 01:25 Use the textures at around 20-25 for starting a portrait painting - later you can up if you like

> 00:30 How to make the canvas smaller and save it in case it is very slow on your device/app

> 07:45 New texture order

> 08:15 showing how you can not paint over the edge

>> worth rewatching - 16:05 How to export the final painting


>> worth rewatching - 03:05 Showing the color that is for the backside of leaves on windy days)


v3 changes - Change log:

- All the textures are also available als high quality jpg's

- The PNG files are now in 300dpi, which means, they can be placed with the correct fitting size on the MA-Textures Canvas palettes

- Two amazing new textures added - replacement for texture 16 and 18

- The dirty palette has now a completed right side

- The palette group has changed - place your colors on top of the red "Your color palettes"-layer

- Moss colors added to the stones on the Rivers & Lakes sheet (find them next to the stones colors)

- Sea plant color added to the stones on the Rivers & Lakes sheet (find them on top of the water color)

- Dark stone colors improved (made darker)

- The MA-Textures Canvas "How to" - video is updated with useful new tricks (more at the end of the video)

So guys,

hope that this is really the best of the best color palette that is available.

Now let's go for the finishing line of the MA-Brushes 2 !

Bear with me.


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