New Digital Painting Course out! - LANDSCAPE in a PAINTERLY Style + Painter's Perspective Course
New Digital Painting Course out! - LANDSCAPE in a PAINTERLY Style + Painter's Perspective Course

Digital Landscape Painting Course
“Painterly Style”
BONUS: Painter’s Perspective Course
( Both videos are with Narrations )

Are you wondering if there is a way to paint digitally, but the outcome is looking
very traditional and painterly – just magical and touching?
Learn in this Digital Art Landscape Painting Course No. 2 “Painterly Style – Lake at the Mountains” that this is possible for you.

This Course is a real blessing for every digital Artist and indeed even for non-digital Artists, that wants to learn to paint the traditional and joyful way of painting. It’s packed with so many tricks & tips that you will learn within a short time how to draw and paint beautiful landscapes in a magical and painterly style.

I’ve chosen to insert by purpose so many different elements in this painting to
cover up a wide range of painterly varieties,
such as a barn, a boat, fences, a lake, water plants, painterly mountains, different types of trees and leaves, beautiful grass fields, a pathway, and even a shovel and a swan.

Now add to that the 50-minutes-long extra bonus video about perspective, where I’m showing you in detail how to paint in the right perspective!


Digital Landscape Painting Course
“Painterly Style”
BONUS: Painter’s Perspective Course

After this Course, you will be able to paint digital landscape paintings in a beautiful painterly style that will look very traditional/classical. You will also learn how to create and draw the sketch in the correct perspective.
I’ve done such a big effort to explain just everything clearly and slowly, so you will have maximum benefits from this course!

In Lesson No. 1 you will learn how to draw barns in the right perspective. This perspective lesson is especially for painters, that’s why it’s very useful. I’m showing in different types of landscape forms how to create buildings in the right perspective without effort.
(Extra Bonus: By purchasing this pack you’ll have the rights to make out of the sketches I’ve done in this course your own paintings!)
In Lesson No. 2 you will finally learn how to paint a Landscape in a painterly and magical style. It isn’t such an easy task to do digitally, but I have just done everything to show you how it works!

This here is the perfect course for everybody who wants to learn how to draw and paint a landscape painting without effort, but with much joy and new learned skills. Great and skillful painting is not reserved for professionals only, but it is waiting for you to be discovered.

I have packed so many things in this Landscape Painting Course – So, let’s get it on!

You will learn:

☑️ How to paint painterly landscapes digitally
☑️ How to sketch them
☑️ How to draw objects correctly with the perspective rules
☑️ How to paint barns, boats, fences, trees, mountains, pathways,
water plants, grass fields, different types of trees, leaves, etc.
☑️ How to let the color values play together
☑️ Dynamics in painting – highlights/shadows + color values
☑️ How to add details the efficient way
☑️ How to think as an artist
☑️ Why you are not bound to every rule
☑️ Trusting your eyes
☑️ Why and when it’s very right to use the color picker
☑️ How to correct things
☑️ When and how to use the history brush tool
☑️ Water reflections
☑️ How to define and find the correct horizon line
☑️ How to use a grid (included)
☑️ How to use brushes (included)
☑️ How to finally draw even without the perspective lines

What’s in this Pack?

☑️ The Full Lesson – Painterly Style with Narrations
☑️ The Full Lesson – Painter’s Perspective with Narrations
☑️ 2:40 hours of high quality material
☑️ MA-Pencil and Paper Pack (complete)
☑️ A beautiful, realistic color palette
☑️ MA-Brushes that are used in this course
☑️ JPG and PSD files
☑️ Perspective lines (png-files with transparency)
☑️ All the sketches
☑️ The rights to use these sketches for your own paintings


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